New date: 24.11.2020 - 26.11.2020


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1. When will the next EUROBIKE take place?

Because of the Corona Pandemic, EUROBIKE 2020 can't take place as planned in the first week of September. From November 24. - 26., 2020, a Special Edition EUROBIKE working trade show will take place on 3 days without a public day, parties, etc.

2. What is the concept for the working trade show in November?

The EUROBIKE 2020 working trade show in November is a pure B2B platform, without a public day, DEMO AREA, parties and other events with larger crowds of people. The November EUROBIKE format is aimed at (OEM) manufacturers, suppliers, parts and component suppliers, complete bike manufacturers and brands, as well as specialist dealers, media and industry representatives.

3. Does it even make sense to have a trade show at this time of the year?

The 2020 bicycle season has started under extreme challenges for all parties involved (suppliers, manufacturers, brands, dealers). The late November date offers the opportunity to start planning the 2021 season after the end of the 2020 season, and to work on model year 2022 products for manufacturers.

4. When will the decision be made whether the trade show can definitely take place in November?

We continue to follow current developments closely and are in constant communication with the relevant authorities.

5. What measures will be taken on site?

We will comply with all the regulations that apply at that time and implement appropriate measures.

Please find more information about our Coronoa Guidelines here.

6. Will there be digital offers?

EUROBIKE CONNECT as a digital year-round business platform for the bicycle industry has already been launched and will be expanded with additional functionalities in the course of the year.

7. Will there be a Festival Day open for public?

No, not as part of the EUROBIKE 2020 special edition.

8. Will HOLIDAY ON BIKE 2020 take place?

Since we will not be offering a public day in this context, we unfortunately have to cancel the 21st edition of HOLIDAY ON BIKE.

9. Will there be a DEMO AREA? Will it be possible to test bikes?

No, not as part of the EUROBIKE 2020 special edition, although test rides are generally possible within the exhibition grounds. However, there is no designated test area with test tracks.

10. Will the EUROBIKE ACADEMY take place?

Yes, the EUROBIKE ACADEMY will take place as usual with seminars and presentation, if it is possible within the existing regulations.

11. Will the BIKE BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION take place?

Yes, the BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION will take place as planned on September 1st, however this year’s edition will be in a digital format.

12. Will the TRAVEL TALK take place?

Yes, the TRAVEL TALK will take place, however under the current circumstance we are also evaluating a digital format.

13. What happens to my hotel reservation?

Please contact your hotel or travel agency directly.

14. When will the EUROBIKE Ticket Shop be opened?

The Ticket shop will be opened at the beginning of September.


You find more informationen about our corona guidelines for visitors here.

16. What travellers need to know to come to Germany

Information for travellers to Germany by the FEDERAL FOREIGN OFFICE of Germany - Coronavirus and entry restrictions. 


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