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01. September 2020



BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION - Conference for Visionaries once more gathers the most crucial players throughout all branches of the bicycle industry to bring them together with carefully selected experts. On September 1, it discusses the future of bicycle business. COVID-19 has changed everything. The effects and consequences of the pandemic are still far from clear. The BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION takes a long, hard look at the changes taking place throughout the bicycle industry.


Download the slides of the presentations of the BBR2020 here.



The various restrictions in the general mobility behaviour in the wake of the CORONA pandemic have brought many people back on their bikes. Even during the lockdown, in various countries many bicycle workshops were allowed to be open, to at least secure bicycle mobility. During this time the bicycle infrastructure was adapted and modified in many cities and municipalities in an unbureaucratic and uncomplicated manner. Development, planning and implementation that would otherwise have taken month and years were done within a couple of days. The bicycle has now gained system relevance. How will this development change mobility overall in the next few years and what will it look like?  Read more about the increase of traffic here.


The bicycle manifests itself as highly popular eco-friendly and green mean of transportation. The sales figures of the last few years speak in favour for the emission-free version of transport. In many debates it is seen as one mobility solution for the future and as the key against congested city centres. Yet, how is it possible to combine the eco-friendly image of bicycles with the social debate around environmental pollution, protection, and sustainability. Where is the consent of the bicycle’s green image with production conditions in the Far East or the recycling of e-bike batteries? How long will the green tail wind last? What needs to change that the bicycle can benefit from its green advantage in the future too?


Supply and demand - even during the CORONA pandemic, bicycle sales continue to climb steeply. And the stationary bicycle retail is experiencing a small renaissance - long queues in front of the bicycle shops are not uncommon. Whether it is the small stationary specialized retailer, online retailers, marketplaces, direct-to-customer retailers or other platforms, many of them have difficulty coping with the increasing demand. At the same time, Decathlon is opening one megastore after another, regardless of the current situation. Anyone looking into the future will ask themselves about who will be the winners and losers of the crisis. How will retail change in the coming years? Which distribution channels and platforms will establish themselves and who will use them and how - Decathlon, Rose, BICO or even Google, Amazon, Alibaba or will the stationary bicycle retailers prevail? Read more about the cycling retail in times of CORONA here.


Catching interviews with our speakers of BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION and other industry insiders


The program 2020

The program of BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION - Conference for Visionaries 2020

  • MOBILITY 2025
  • BIKE BIZ 2025
10:00 10:15 Frank Puscher  Opening
10:15 10:45 Carlo van de Wejer, AI System Institute The Future of Mobility - Who takes the wheel
10:45 11:15 Philip Douglas, CIP Mobility GmbH Why Innovation will take the industry by surprise
11:15 11:45 Kristjan Maruste, COMODULE  Redesigning Bicycle Industry
11:45 12:15 Networking Break  
12:15 12:45 Alex Weller, Patagonia The Patagonia Perspective
12:45 13:15 Kathrin Hartmann, Journalist How green are bikes really?
13:15 13:45 Dr. Sandra Wolf, Riese & Müller  Sustainability and Environmental Protection in the Bicycle Industry
13:45 14:15 Networking Break   
14:15 14:45 Anne Guethoff, n' Planning for Sustainable Growth - Digitalisation Follows Commerical Strategy
14:45 15:15 Georg Wagner, BICO Is Digitization consuming owner-operated retail?
15:15 15:45 Dr. Ulrich Gries, velocollect Local bicycle retail 2025 - Gold rush athmosphere instead of being afraid of a digital future?
15:45 16:15 Frank Puscher WRAP-UP Session

The Speakers 2020

Die Speaker und ihre Themen

Die Speaker und ihre Themen 2020

Carlo van de Weijer - AI System Institute EAISI der Eindhoven University of Technology

The Future of Mobility - Who takes the wheel

Among all the predicted mobility trends, the active modalities might not sound as hippest alternative. Yet based on the philosophical backgrounds of mobility, it seems that the future of mobility might turn out much different than many high-tech futurist thinks of.

Philip Douglas - CIP Mobility GmbH

Why Innovation will take the industry by surprise

It’s great to talk about fancy gravel bikes, wheel sizes, and optimized suspension on kickass eBikes. Indeed, Bike Design has come a long way, and big brands are stepping up their game, making it harder for smaller brands to keep up.

Kristjan Maruste - COMODULE

Redesigning Bicycle Industry

During these turbulent times, manufacturers compete with fast-paced companies entering the market with high user-centric service and value proposition. What steps should be taken today to be on wheels in 2025?

Alex Weller - Patagonia

The Patagonia Perspective

The Patagonia perspective: How a deep commitment to environmental leadership and succesful business work hand-in-hand.

Kathrin Hartmann - Journalist and Author

How green are bikes really?

Bicycles are the most climate-friendly and environmentally-friendly form of mobility. Unlike other industries, for example the automobile industry, bicycle manufacturers are not suspected of greenwashing. However, can the bike industry afford to rest on its green laurels? Or is the ecological footprint of this eco-friendly form of transport growing?

Dr. Sandra Wolf - Riese & Müller

Sustainability and Environmental Protection in the Bicycle Industry

Dr. Sandra Wolf debates with Frank Puscher the challenges the bicycle industry is facing. 

Anne Guethoff - n'

Planning for Sustainable Growth - Digitalisation Follows Commercial Strategy

There will be times – like September 2020 – when growth will be on your mind more than ever.
It might have been a year when the sudden growth of the industry has left its mark on your organisation, or you may be feeling the pressure of having to grow as quickly as possible to keep up with your competitors.

Georg Wagner - BICO

Is digitalisation swallowing owner-run retail

All too often we hear presentations start with the words: “If Amazon were to enter the bicycle market …” or even worse “The Chinese are going to flatten us with Alibaba.” Although these alarming scenarios are not yet real, they serve as an important reminder to properly get to grips with the topic of digitalisation.

HDr. Ulrich Gries - velocollect

Local bicycle retail 2025 - Gold rush athmosphere instead of being afraid of a digital future?

Kann ein smartes Omnichannel-Konzept der Fahrradbranche die Are smart omnichannel concept ensure the future viability of the bicycle industry? Consumers' buying and information habits have undergone lasting changes in recent years. Customers are acting more and more digitally and have different and new demands on their shopping experience than before. A view on the digitalisation of the bicycle trade.



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